SARIKOS S.A. is the most reliable supplier and manufacturer of bulk material handling and storage equipment. Our company is located at 10 km of the Old Thessaloniki-Kilkis National Road within the prefecture of Thessaloniki in privately owned state-of-the-art facilities with state-of-the-art mechanical equipment

The manufacturing capabilities of the company make SARIKOS S.A. unique in its field as well as unique in its kind regarding the manufacture of machines in vertically integrated production. The company SARIKOS S.A. with its many years of experience, it is able to manufacture metal buildings, metal silos, mechanical bulk material conveying systems, industrial mixers, pneumatic conveying systems, stainless steel structures, industrial weighing systems, industrial filters, feeding systems, industrial fans, ducts and much more.

Also the company SARIKOS S.A. has been offering special alloy and hard wire retreading solutions for more than 25 years, successfully addressing extensive metal abrasion issues in the production process.

Using wires based on tungsten carbides but also wires of special chemical compositions as well as rubberized sheets of European origin from well-known houses increases the longevity of metal surfaces (on increased wear phenomena) which come into constant contact with increased conditions of friction and special mechanical stress . The result of the above is the longevity of the individual parts of a construction, the reduction of operation and maintenance costs and the smooth operation of the factory.

Finally, the company operates with great success in the following sectors:

  • Construction of Electrical Panels
  • Automation with PLC
  • Large and small scale Electrical Installations
  • Maintenance and repair of faults