The main pillar of SARIKOS SA. the well-equipped and fully organized machine shop, its manufacturing capabilities, its lively human resources combined with the latest technology machining centers and other modern machines come to provide solutions where modern industry really needs them.

With twenty-four-hour service capabilities with a nationwide service network and a strong design team of mechanical engineers, the company manages and provides solutions to complex technical issues with a focus on cost and the best possible end result. Engineering and industrial maintenance are a daily subject of SARIKOS SA. with custom solutions and with deep knowledge and understanding of the problem, solving every small or large technical issue is also a new challenge. With our customer network growing every year, the ultimate customer satisfaction is the springboard for the next team effort.

The work is carried out by properly trained staff who possess excellent know-how and attention to detail in each project, following the highest safety standards.

In SARIKOS S.A. we undertake the study and construction of the simplest metal structures up to the most complex metal building complexes (industrial buildings). With modern design programs (autocad, inventor, tekla and others) we face every design challenge to its fullest extent. By investing in modern iron processing systems (cutting, punching, laser, pantographs and snips), the company minimizes processing times and with the goal of optimal quality while at the same time implementing and completing high-value complex projects.

Conveyor belts, elevators, chain conveyors, air slides, screw conveyors and tubular conveyors with discs that can be manufactured for productions from a few kilograms to hundreds of tons per hour are the most common bulk material handling systems. The company SARIKOS S.A. manufactures the machines according to the latest European safety standards and regulations that govern their safe operation.

The solid construction, the correct and perfect mechanical design, the combination of reliable materials and the cooperation with the best and famous European houses is the guaranteed way to a reliable machine without problems.

The company’s product range covers the entire spectrum of handling, lifting, packaging and palletizing products, from simple lines to complete systems.

The design, implementation and success of an airlift is always achieved by the correct study and dimensioning of the installation. The company, having implemented over 17000m of air transport lines and having installed over 137 blowers in the largest industries of our country, now occupies a leading position in the Greek market in this specific field of application. The solutions and integrated proposals of SARIKOS S.A. on air transportation systems are today the most reliable solution regarding the transport of bulk materials over long distances and to different points at the same time. With the use of industrial filters and flap diverters, storage even in the most remote places is now achievable.

Receiving and storing materials has always been the most important stage of a production unit. Our company with more than 35 years of know-how undertakes the study, design, construction and final installation at the final point of operation of metal silos (up to 200m3). The ergonomics, durability and reliability of SARIKOS SA metal silos. help maximize productivity in an industrial unit.

The long-term experience and concentrated knowledge of the most demanding industrial applications is an integral part of the manufacturing culture of SARIKOS S.A. on the stainless steel constructions.

Specialized engineering applications such as stainless steel conveyor screws, stainless steel feeders, stainless steel agitators, stainless steel tanks as well as a variety of special stainless steel machines are just some of the countless solutions offered by our company in the field of stainless steel industrial constructions.

Specialized materials such as aisi309,310,321 and 314 special refractory steels with specialized use in furnaces and high temperature chambers are just a few examples that, in combination with the high expertise and knowledge of mechanical engineering, the staff of SARIKOS S.A. provides daily solutions in the highly demanding field of industrial production.

SARIKOS S.A. designs, tests and manufactures small and large liquid mixing systems (vertical industrial mixers) as well as bulk materials (horizontal mixers). With power from 1.1kw to 250kw and depending on the case, it offers complete solutions in the modern chemical industry. Thanks to the great reliability of its industrial mixers, today it manages to occupy a leading position in the Greek market and the Balkans in the specific construction industry.

In the particularly demanding area of ​​industrial weighing, SARIKOS SA. with high expertise designs, tests and manufactures small and large industrial weighing systems. With reliable electrical and electronic systems it is the most reliable solution in modern industry. Deep knowledge, state-of-the-art technologies and dozens of partnerships with the most reliable European houses make SARIKOS S.A. leader in automatic weighing and dosing systems.

Staffed with automation electricians and electricians, it implements the most demanding electrical projects with complete success, is certified according to iso 9001:2015 and has also been evaluated and complies with the requirements of the iso 14001:2015 standard. while at the same time it has been tested according to the iso 45001:2018 standard.

The company SARIKOS S.A. designs, studies, manufactures and installs systems for dedusting and pneumatic transport of materials. It always provides the best solution according to the customer’s needs and with a focus on reliability and functionality it offers excellent quality mechanical dust collection systems.The company having manufactured over 500 bag filters with a capacity of 500m3/h up to 75000m3/h and having successfully faced the most difficult challenges of pollution and dust transport manages today with its specialized workshops to adhere to the strictest schedules and the most demanding technical specifications in construction phase. Our collaboration with seven renowned European houses makes us highly competitive in the field of environmental engineering. Could the next project be yours?

Properly feeding a production process has always been the beginning of a reliable operating line. In a particularly demanding field of applications, our company comes to cover a large gap in the market in the manufacture of special feeding machines always adapted to the special requirements of customers. SARIKOS S.A. designs, tests and manufactures feeders of the following categories:

  • vibrating feeders with electrical vibrators.

  • vibrating rod feeders.

  • vibrating feeders with cam and movable floor.

  • tape type belt feeders.

  • belt and roller feeders.

  • chain feeders and movable bars on a fixed floor.

  • cam shaft feeders.

  • electromagnet feeders.

  • moving floor systems.

The company with more than 35 years in the service of the industry is very successful in the production of air treatment machines (industrial applications)

More specifically, it covers the following areas:

  • Construction of circular and square cross-section air ducts

  • Construction of air mass expansion chambers with internal vaudit reinforced sheet metal

  • Study, design, installation and maintenance of integrated systems for dedusting and transport of gaseous masses (air transport)

  • Construction of mechanical air deflectors.

  • Construction of stainless steel multi-split dampers.

  • Manufacture of industrial ventilators up to 250,000m3/h

The company SARIKOS S.A. has been offering retreading solutions with special alloys and hard wires for more than 20 years, successfully addressing extensive metal abrasion issues in the production process.

Using wires based on tungsten carbides but also wires of special chemical compositions as well as rubberized sheets of European origin from well-known companies increases the longevity of metal surfaces which are in constant contact with increased conditions of friction and special mechanical stress. The result of the above is the longevity of the individual parts of a structure and a reduction of its operation and maintenance costs.

The company operates with great success in the following sectors:

  • Construction of Electrical Panels

  • Automation with PLC

  • Large and small scale Electrical Installations

  • Maintenance and repair of faults